Pacquiao vs. Horn: Dont Hate, Appreciate..

Noel A. Muro

June 29, 2017

This fight has caught so much flack and hate by boxing fans and analysts alike it’s crazy! Some criticize Philipino superstar Manny Pacquiao for taking this easy money fight and some criticize Bob Arum for making this fight as well when the Amir Khan deal was supposedly close to being done.

What everyone needs to realize is that this matchup and event is great for boxing (how many times will I say that this year?).
Another big fight in 2017 in a stadium is great for this sport, and more live eyeballs on the action. Australia has not had much big fights in its boxing history as far as world wide superstars going down under and making a huge event. This fight will be held in Brisbane, Australia at Suncorp Stadium which holds a capacity of 52,500. This event should be a sold out crowd and bring more excitement to the sport in that country.

Exposure for the sport of boxing, placing huge events and huge stars in international venues invites more viewers to watch and and bring that “I can’t wait” feeling back to boxing.

Whether the intentions to make this fight was money driven, protecting his fighter, ¬†or for the good of boxing really doesn’t matter because Bob Arum got this done and believe me, people in Australia are excited! Young hungry lions deserve a chance, yeah I get it he’s 16-0-1 and doesn’t even have 20 wins under his belt yet but he is the top guy in Austraila in his division and has been ranked #2 in the world in the welterweight division by the WBO. What if this is a huge shocker? Unexpected things happen in sports as a whole and boxing is no different.

Bob Arum and Top Rank have made a deal with ESPN about a week ago to put on big fights on the world wide leader in sports.


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