The MEG Thoughts, Book to Movie Comparisons, Easter Eggs, and Sequel Ideas (Spoilers Ahead)

Noel A. Muro

August 14, 2018


After watching The MEG I was left with questions comparing the book and the movie. I was told not to expect the movie to be true to the book, the trailers had proved that already.

I went into the movie expecting what I had read on twitter, early reviews, and so on and it was relatively true, expect a fun summer blockbuster.

Now I have to spill out spoilers, comparisons to the book, easter eggs, thoughts and so on, so let’s get to it.




The storyline is different from the first book (as expected) but has similarities to the the original novel.


DJ (Page Kennedy) is an employee and researcher of sorts at the MANA One research station yet in the book he is DJ Tanaka, brother of Terry (Suyin) and son of Masao (Zhang), he is also able to pilot deep sea submersibles in depths as dangerous in the Mariana Trench. In the film, Toshi (Masi Oka) saw a very similar fate as DJ in the book.



Two Possible Easter Eggs Spotted

Possible Easter Egg 1

Setting up the sequel should be relatively easy which by box office performance alone should birth one and is expected.

An easter egg spotted, whether intentional or not and spotted by yours truly is when the MANA One team was researching Megalodon, they showed a size comparison chart between the prehistoric shark, great white shark, diver, whale, and KRONOSAURUS.

Kronosaurus was one of the main prehistoric antagonists in book two named “The Trench” and shows that if there is one gargantuan prehistoric species living in the Mariana Trench there must be others.

While the Kronosaurus’ were smaller than the Megalodon and were likely prey for the big toothed kings/queens of the prehistoric sea they were still dangerous. The book described the marine reptiles as huge pack hunters. This is a possible hint at which direction the sequel could go in.

Possible Easter Egg 2

Now this may not even be an easter egg but rather just a scene in the movie. When the MEG died and was being eaten by countless species of smaller sharks, a shark swam out of its mouth.

The shark that swam out of the mouth looked to be a great white shark and nothing else but what it could also be is a baby megalodon. In the books when a megalodon was in heat or estress, it attracted lots of great whites to the area.

The other thing that points out that maybe the Megalodon did produce offspring (whether it came out of the mouth or or wasn’t shown in the film) is that when it was revealed that there were two sharks.

One of the sharks was drastically bigger than the one that was first killed and we can assume that maybe the smaller beast was a male and the bigger one was a female. The movie was not clear as to what the genders were for the two Megalodons.


Questions From The Movie


What happened to Jack Morris’ henchmen?

What will happen to Jack Morris’ fortune and who is his heir?

With the discovery of megalodons, will someone else want to continue to explore the Mariana Trench?

Did the meg have babies?

Will someone want to capture a megalodon?

What direction will a sequel go?

Time can only tell but I will put my money on some kind of version of “The Trench” story line.

The MEG is leading the box office and is almost guaranteed a sequel and with the success it has reached. Will Jon Turtletaub return to direct the sequel? Will Turtletaub pursue other projects?

Not sure but one thing myself and I’m sure other viewers would like is the sequel to be a rated R flick as the first movie lacked the gore the books describe.

The MEG universe is vast and has so many story lines and countless Jonas Taylor adventures, it’d be exciting to see Steve Alten’s book sequels brought to life, or at least a version of them.




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