Weekend Boxing Recap

Noel A. Muro

February 20, 2018



Raymundo Beltran vs. Paulus Moses

Last Friday night on ESPN Reymundo Beltran faced and beat Paulus Moses for the WBO Lightweight title.  He also secured permanent residence in the United States with qualifying for an EB-1 green card.

In what might have been the best fight of the weekend, the two fighters put on a good show in some heated exchanges where it started off  in Beltran’s favor, and Moses figuring things out and letting those hands go.

Both men were bloodied by the end and it was so close that maybe a rematch should be in the cards in the near future.

Congratulations to Beltran in winning his first title and permanent residence in the U.S. and not having to worry about leaving his family due to deportation.

St. George Groves vs. Chris Eubanks Jr.

In the much anticipated semi final of the World Boxing Super Series, St. George Groves defeated Chris Eubanks Jr. in a convincing fashion. All three judges scored it unanimously in Groves‘ favor.

Mr. Groves showed tremendous veteran ability as he fought off the back foot and used his size and length to his advantage.

Eubanks tried to close the distance but failed to do so throughout the fight. This is not the end for Brighton Englishman as this is his second loss in a second weight division to a quality opponent (the first being Billy Joe Saunders at 160).

Getting some more experience and learning to fight against ‘boxers’ would be valuable experience as this bout somewhat took me back to Saunders vs. Lemieux. Perhaps Eubanks needs to add another trainer in his camp besides his father.

Victor Ortiz vs. Devon Alexander

Ortiz vs. Alexander was the headliner of the PBC showcase last Saturday. Devon Alexander’s return was a good one as he used his speed and long arms to get to Victor Ortiz early, as the Ventura resident tried to box his opponent early on.

This proved mostly ineffective as Devon was able to go forward and take advantage of the strategy Victor was using.

Victor ended up using pressure changing his outlook on the match and that proved most effective for him.

Most people would say Devon Alexander won the fight and I can see that, but I can also see why the outcome became a draw. This can turn into a rematch but I see them going in different directions.

Danny Garcia vs. Brandon Rios

This fight was the headliner of the action packed weekend being showcased on Showtime. Both fighters coming off long layoffs in their own rights and times.

Brandon Rios coming off a knockout win and looking in better shape than his previous fight in 2015 was trying to defeat one of the top boxers in the welterweight division, but failed as Danny Garcia landed a counter right that sent Rios to the canvas.

Rios got up and told the referee he was okay, but then as he was asked to walk forward he wobbled to his right and the ref called it off.

Rios will be back against lower competition and will have to build himself up again, Meanwhile Garcia won the welterweight eliminator and will move forward to face top competition.

Shawn Porter slipped into the ring to confront Danny Garcia to face him next. Both fighters got into a heated exchange inside the ring until Porter was escorted off the canvas.

Shawn Porter is usually a classy fighter in attendance sitting in the stands but had to vent to the fighters that deem him irrelevant even thought he is one of the top contenders on the welterweight division, if not the mandatory.



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